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Pay online, and
20 GEL will directly land on
your account.

Get a Visa Digital Card in Liberty’s Internet or Mobile Bank;
Pay at least 20 GEL in any online store;
20 GEL from the first online purchase will instantly land on your account.
Get Card

How to pay in an online store with my
Digital Card?


Log in to Liberty’s Mobile or Internet Bank and from your cards choose a Visa Digital Card


See card details in full


Meanwhile, you will get an SMS code on your mobile. Enter the code in the required field to see the full details of your card


After entering the SMS code, the card data will be displayed on your screen - fill the online store’s payment fields with the given data

When will 20 GEL land on my account?

During the campaign, if you make at least 20 GEL transactions in any online store with a Visa Digital Card, 20 GEL will instantly return to your account.

Why should I get a Digital Card?

It’s super easy to take and use Digital Card

You can add your Digital Card to Apple Pay

Digital Card provides the most secure online shopping

Terms and Conditions

Only Visa digital card transactions can participate in the campaign; Only online transactions in GEL participate in the campaign. You can pay in both international and local online stores;

The following transactions do not participate in the campaign:

Internet or Mobile banking transactions

Utility payments


Taxes & bills

Digital Wallets. Apple Pay transactions

The customer who will make an online purchase of at least 20 GEL in any online store can participate in the campaign;

For each customer refund of 20 GEL is possible only once, regardless of the quantity of Digital Cards;

Customers who already own a Digital Card or made any transaction with this card before will still participate in the campaign;

The first 4000 customers who make at least 20 GEL online purchases will participate in the campaign and receive 20 GEL on their accounts.